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What we offer

We provide non-actuarial and actuarial reports on pension values and income projections for divorce and mediation.  Our range of reports are:

Where initial guidance is required to determine the best course of action in more complex cases we do offer a non-actuarial Pathway Report which will be priced according to the number of hours anticipated in analysing the pensions and settlement options.

We also provide Trust relief medical assessment reports for Independent Financial Advisors.

If you are a member of the public or a solicitor you may find our Guides to Pensions and Divorce of assistance in explaining the process and how to work with us. To access the guide please click here if you are a member of the public or here if you are a solicitor.

Having read our guide you may well have many questions you want to ask us and we have provided a section for Frequently Asked Questions where you may find those answers. If not please contact us for more information.